Terrorism? Drugs? No, Backdating Stock Options

From the Washington Post: Former Comverse Technology chief executive Jacob "Kobi" Alexander was declared a fugitive by the FBI, which issued an alert calling for his arrest. An international manhunt was launched late last month, shortly before authorities unsealed a criminal complaint.

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Labeling Dictators

The Wall Street Journal's "Remembrances" column notes the death this week of Alfredo Stroessner this way: Gen. Alfredo Stroessner, the military strongman who ruled Paraguay from 1954 until 1989. Among 20th century Latin American leaders, only Cuban President Fidel Castro has served longer. Why is Stroessner a "military strongman" while Castro is ...

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From Your Blog to God�s Ears

Have blogs become part of the mainstream Consider the evidence of a front-page story in Saturday's New York Times, which reports on reaction to the federal court ruling that the NSA wiretapping program is illegal. The first three legal experts quoted are bloggers; two of the quotes are from the ...

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Republicans for the Big-Government Guy

Do Republicans still support limited government Don't laugh--there are still people around who would answer "yes." On this site we've spent plenty of time on Republicans spending like drunken Democrats, nationalizing education, expanding entitlements, declaring the president an absolute monarch, embracing Wilsonian foreign policy, and so on. The latest just ...

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Yet More Government Waste

Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Finance Committee, is asking Medicare/Medicaid administrator Mark McClellan why two senior Medicare investigators spend up to two months each year "on travel to popular vacation destinations." Grassley wants to know, "What did American taxpayers and Medicare beneficiaries get for the travels of Rollow ...

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Educational Toleration

NPR reports on a new Florida law that requires the teaching of American history in the schools and sets up some rules for how it should be taught. At the beginning of the report I was amused by the description of the impetus for the law: Mike Fasano was a state ...

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Thank You for Never Having Smoked

Cartoon editors are painstakingly working through more than 1,500 episodes of classic Tom and Jerry, Flintstones, and Scooby Doo cartoons to erase scenes of characters - gasp - smoking. Turner Broadcasting says it's a voluntary decision, but the move comes after a report from Ofcom, which has regulatory authority over ...

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Where Have All the Smokers Gone?

Not to Scottish pubs, I write in the Guardian's Comment is free, where a survey says patronage is down 10 percent since a smoking ban went into effect. But if you wondered where all the anti-smoking fascists have gone, check out the commenters.

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Scandal in Public Broadcasting

The big scandal in public (or actually government) broadcasting is that the taxpayers are forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars a year for the propagation of unremittingly liberal views on politics and policy. As I said in my testimony to the Senate last year, I agree with some ...

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Come to Washington and Do Well

What's the best business to be in these days Steel Automobiles Maybe not any more. Maybe these days it's software, or finance. Maybe. But judging from this lead story in this morning's Washington Post -- The three most prosperous large counties in the United States are in the Washington suburbs, according ...

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